Driveway Security Post Dublin

Howdy. Are you looking for a driveway security post in Dublin? You have come to the right place.

Are you looking to make your driveway more secure and protect yourself against car theft? If that’s what you’re thinking, then a driveway security post (also known as a removable bollard) is a great way to keep the car thieves away.

Before we go much further, there are several types of bollard.

Driveway security post socket in cobble block driveway Foxrock Dublin Driveway Security Post DublinDriveway security post in concrete drive

The Removable Driveway Security Post Bollard

I’ll start with the type that we provide mostly – the Removable type. This is a heavy duty steel post that is about 3 feet long. It is ‘dropped’ into a socket in the ground, and locked securely in place. The socket is made from steel and is 13 inches (300mm) long and has anchors on the bottom. It is concreted into the ground and prevents the bollard/post from being pulled out or bent over.The steel anchors on the socket prevent the anchor from being pulled out of the concrete, and will make it difficult from someone to even kango it out. There is a heavy duty steel flap lid that folds down flat, to cover the top of the socket when the bollard is not in use. The bollard/posts is quite easily lifted in and out of position – even my 9 year old daughter can use one. These are suitable for installation in any driveway type.

The Telescopic Security Post

The second type is the telescopic bollard. There are manual and automatic versions. You can find out more about the Automatic telescopic bollards by going to our site – just click this link and it will take you there. The automated-bollards are more expensive than the manual ones because of the hydraulic equipment that is used to operate them.The manual telescopic-bollard (pull-up post) rises approx 500mm out of the ground. The socket is approx 750mm (2.5 feet) long / deep into the ground. A hole must be dug down to a depth of 850mm to install these posts and they are concreted into place. When lowered, there is a heavy steel flap that folds down flat against the ground to close the top of the bollard. To raise the bollard, to lift the flap, pull the bollard up fully and insert the lock.These bollards can not be pulled out or bent over. Because of the depth that they are installed, they are not easily installed in a brick or cobble block driveway.

The Bolt-down post

I’ve deliberately not called them a security-post because they’re not. There are lots of these being sold as a security device, but because they ar bolted down, they are easy to remove – so should not be considered a security product. They are suitable only as a parking deterrent – to protect a parking bay from illegal or unauthorised parking. They simply fold flat to allow your car into the parking bay.They are quite easy to remove. The bolts could be released with a socket, or more often – they are simply kicked over.Beware of these items being sold as a device that can protect your car against theft. The thief is likely to steal the post as well as your car!

Why do driveway security posts work?

The main reason the work is because their very presence is a visual deterrent. Putting it simply, car theives want an easy life. If they didn’t, they would be going out to work like you and I – but they don’t. They like to steal whatever they can – that includes your car!

If they have their eye on a particular make and model of car – it’s usually because they are stealing it to order. A car is big, making it difficult to hide. They won’t steal a car that they don’t already have a job or a customer for. Many cars are stolen to order. It’s a cheap source of parts. Maybe someone needs an engine, or a gearbox? Maybe they have one that’s been smashed and they want the body panels to repair it. Or maybe it’s gonna get a new identity – they may swap the VIN number with a car that’s the same make, model and colour, but it’s been written off by the insurance company. whatever the reason – they don’t steal cars for the fun of it. Someone’s going to make money out of it – but only if it’s easy to take.

The more difficult you can make it for the thieves, the less likely it is that you will be a target for them. Driveway security posts are an excellent way of preventing car theft. The make it physically difficult for your car to be taken. Our bollards can’t be pulled out of the ground (because they are concreted in). They can’t be bent over – because they are heavy wall steel. And cutting them down is going to take a bit of time and will make a lot of noise.

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form or just give me a call.



60mm Painted Bollard

  • 60mm mild steel
  • Painted Black or Yellow
  • Padlock included
  • Socket concreted down 180mm
  • 2 year warranty

3" Galvanised Bollard

285 each
  • Most Popular Choice
  • 3" heavy wall steel construction
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Stainless Steel Lock
  • Socket concreted down 12"
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Get 2 Bollards for €460

4" Galvanised Bollard

325 each
  • 4" heavy wall steel construction
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Stainless Steel Lock
  • Socket concreted down 12"
  • 10 Year Guarantee