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Are you looking for driveway bollard installers in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow or Louth?
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We install bollards in driveways, parking baks, underground car parks and at shop fronts. We also install security bollards and posts on petrol statio forecourts to help protect the expensive petrol pumps against accidental damage.

When you want to install bollard o your driveway – call on us first. We are the only business in Ireland who make and install driveway posts and bollards. 
We take 100% responsibility for getting your bollard or security post installation done 100% correct. 

Security Post Installers - We make and install driveway posts and bariers.

No one else in Ireland will supply and install driveway security posts like we do. We make really high quality heavy duty driveway security posts – right here in Ireland – and we are the neatest security posts installers you’ll find.
We install driveway posts and barriers on your driveway as if it were our own.

Our removable security posts and bollards are installed to a depth of 12″ in your drive. We concrete the socket into place. It can not be pulled out or bent over – they are really secure.

What Does Which Driveway Bollard Is Best? - Find The Right Bollard For You?

With numerous options available it can be hard deciding on which driveway bollard is best for securing your house. Where do you start?We know it's challenging making the ideal choice, so to assist you we have actually assembled this helpful guide with whatever you require to understand prior to buying a bollard for your driveway.

But the number of do you need to properly secure your driveway? The variety of driveway bollards required to protect an entrance depends on the width. We advise bollards for driveways to be spaced 1.4-1.5 meters apart, centre to centre. A fixed point within an entryway is a practical starting point such as a wall, hedge, planter or fence post.

First of all, you require to develop the kind of car accessing the location. If the car is high off the ground, you may gain from a taller bollard like our 114 900 Telescopic Bollard which gives it higher visibility. How you desire the product to be run is another crucial consideration.

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If you are just accessing the location to park a couple of times a day, a telescopic security bollard like our 101 670 Telescopic Bollard would be more than enough. This kind of bollard is quickly raised and reduced into the ground by hand. If you're concerned with the lifting weight of the bollard, you can acquire a bollard with a built-in lift-assist system which reduces the bollards lifting weight by as much as 60% making operation possible by all.

If security bollards are immersed in water for an extended period of time, they will begin to rust. Lifting a bollard out of a water-filled external casing will cause a 'drag' impact making lifting extremely hard. An option for this kind of situation is to set up a detachable bollard. These detachable bollards still sit within an external casing however rather of being totally pulled back into the ground, the post lifts out completely so that it can be saved somewhere else.

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Another alternative if you wish to install automatic bollards is to link the system to drain pipes making sure that water is constantly being carried away from the installed system. The last factor to consider is how you desire your driveway bollard to look. All our bollards are supplied with a galvanised finish as basic and come with reflective bands to increase visibility.

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For a superior aesthetic, stainless-steel surfaces are offered for some security bollards likewise. Telescopic and detachable bollards can not be supplied with lights however our automated bollard systems can. An LED lighting ring can be supplied to help bring the automated system to the attention of pedestrians and automobiles, particularly in the evening.

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Or you can call one of our knowledgeable sales employee on 08456 75 75 74. They'll be more than happy to address any of your questions. To keep up to date with all our new products and the current industry news follow us on social media.

Know which kind of security bollard you needMake sure you have someone to set up itHire a skipMake sure you keep itContact us if you require adviceSecurity bollards can be found in all sizes and shapes, and it's simple to get bogged down in the amount of choice. To make things a little simpler, let's look at the various types you might discover.

The 8-Minute Rule for High Security Telescopic Bollards - Security Bollards Direct

Now, these can be divided into two groups, high security and domestic security. High-security bollards are generally utilized to secure essential websites such as federal government structures or airports from vehicle attacks. These bollards have actually been effect tested, so not truly the sort of thing you would have at completion of your driveway.

Our domestic security line includes all our non-tested bollards which have actually been created to safeguard whatever from driveways to industrial sites. Our driveway security bollards can be found in a vast array of models, so let's dive into the various kinds you might find. Quick Tip: Our bollards are insurer suggested.

Call us to learn more - security posts. Let's start things off by taking a look at repaired bollards. Repaired bollards much like the name implies are repaired in place, though you'll in some cases see them called static bollards. You've most likely seen these kinds of security bollards outside supermarkets or car parks lining pedestrian pathways.

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There might be circumstances however where you might want to take a look at fixed bollards if you're intending to completely stop access to specific parts of your residential or commercial property or make the car gain access to course narrower. Telescopic bollards can be decreased into the ground by hand, allowing you to protect your driveway, preventing any automobile access when not in usage and enabling access to vehicles when required.

A thicker wall can reduce awful dents and damage when the bollard is knocked. These are our most popular security bollards when it pertains to driveway security as they are easy to utilize and use safe defense for your driveway. If you're worried or delayed by the possible lifting weight of a telescopic bollard, there's no need for issue as we likewise offer a lift help variant that reduces the lifting weight by 60%. However, a telescopic bollard may not constantly be the most ideal alternative for your driveway.

In cases like this, a removable bollard might be a much better choice. driveway security bollards. Another case where a detachable bollard might be better would be if you have pipelines or circuitry under the drive that may limit how deep you can excavate. In cases like this detachable bollards are a better alternative due to the fact that they need a much shallower foundation.

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In truth, we provide special storage sockets with our detachable bollards so they can be kept securely without the threat of damaging the post. Lastly, you have automatic driveway bollards, which can be controlled from another location through making use of a key fob. Automatic driveway bollards raise and lower using a hydraulic pump system and require a more comprehensive installation procedure.