Driveway Security Bollards Clogherhead

Are you looking for Driveway Security Bollards in Clogherhead?
We manufacture heavy duty steel driveway security bollards – and we install them too.

If you are worried about the security of your car in your driveway then a removable security bollard is just what you need.
We make the toughest driveway security bollard available in Ireland. 
We also do the neatest and tidiest installation of anyone who installs security bollards in Ireland. We’ll treat your driveway as if it were our own. The installation will be extremely tidy and very secure.

All our driveway security bollards are hot-dip galvanised – so that they will never rust or corrode. no one else sells and installs a galvanised driveway bollard in Ireland.

We also provide you with a 10 years guarantee on our galvanised bollards – for your peace of mind.

When you want a Driveway security bollard installed in Clogherhead then just call on us.

driveway security post Clogherhead

We make and install Driveway Security Bollards.

Yes – not only do we make them but we also install them. And we do the neatest and tidiest installation known to man!
We install our removable bollards to a depth of 12″ – with concrete too.

Need a Driveway Security Post in Clogherhead?

Looking for a Driveway Security Post in Clogherhead? Then we can help.

We make and install heavy duty driveway security post in Clogherhead. Our security post is hot-dip galvanised to prevent rust or corrosion.

There are other companies who supply security posts but these are the light weight types that are made in China. These lighter bollards are made from a thin wall steel and most are only painted – so you’ll find that they will begin to rust within a few months after installation.

Our removable driveway security bollards have a 12 inch outer sleeve that we concrete into the driveway. No other removable bollard is installed as deep as ours. 
We really do offer the best, strongest, most secure removable driveway protection post in Ireland. No one else comes close – and we offer the best installed price too. 

To find out more – cal or text Adrian on 086-8560063

Removable Driveway Bollards

Are you looking for a Removable Driveway Bollard in Clogherhead?

We’re here to take care of that. 
We make and install removable driveway bollards right here in our own workshop in Ireland. Others import light weight bollards from China – but we make our heavy duty removable bollards here in Ireland.

We also have them hot-dip galvanised so that they will never rust or corrode. (who would want a bit of rusty metal in their driveway?).

Not only do we make our removable bollards – but we also install them too.
Our removable driveway bollard is secured in a 12″ deep steel sleeve with a high security stainless steel lock. 

Removable Driveway Security Post

Do you want to install a removable security post at your driveway in Clogherhead? We can help with that.
We make and install what we believe is the strongest, most durable, easy to use removable security post in Ireland.

We manufacture our heavy duty bollards from heavy wall steel section. All our bollards are hot-dip galvanised (though we do offer a painted version for anyone who is price conscious or maybe they are renting their home).

Our removable bollard is secured in to a 12″ deep steel socket that we concrete into the driveway. The bollard is locked in place with a high security stainless steel lock that can not be cut or drilled.

If you live in Clogherhead and you want a removable security driveway post to protect your car from the thief – then give Adrian a call on 086-8560063 or text if that suits better.

We install all our driveway security posts in Clogherhead

Many people worry that having a driveway security bollard installed means that their driveway will be damaged. Worry not – because we are extremely careful to cut out only a small hole to install the bollard or security post. This means that there will be no damage to the surrounding area of paving and there is no risk that the installation can lead to subsidence in the future.

60mm Painted Bollard

  • 60mm mild steel
  • Painted Black or Yellow
  • Padlock included
  • Socket concreted down 180mm
  • 2 year warranty

3" Galvanised Bollard

285 each
  • Most Popular Choice
  • 3" heavy wall steel construction
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Stainless Steel Lock
  • Socket concreted down 12"
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Get 2 Bollards for €460

4" Galvanised Bollard

325 each
  • 4" heavy wall steel construction
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Stainless Steel Lock
  • Socket concreted down 12"
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Domestic Security Bollards Clogherhead

Are you worried about car theft in your area? The Garda crime numbers show that car theft is increasing again. Every week in Dublin alone, dozens of cars are stolen – most never recovered.

We make and install domestic security bollards in Clogherhead. 
It doesn’t matter what type of driveway you have – we can install the security post and do a really neat and tidy job on it too.

Parking Poles installed in Clogherhead

If you are looking to get a parking pole installed in your driveway or to protect your parking space from illegal parking – then we can help.

We can install a removable parking pole that is fully galvanised and easy to use – even my 8 yr old daughter can use them.

Our removable parking pole is installed to a depth of 12″ – so it will be resistant to accidental bumps, and also really secure.

Areas where we work.

We install our driveway security bollards across Dublin, Meath, Louth and Kildare.
You’ll find us installing security posts in Baldoyle, Drogheda, Dunleer, Tullyallen, Kilsaran, Dromiskin, Balrothery, Slane, Naul, Garristown every week – rain hail or shine.

Ooh – on the off chance that you ever need to look for a tow truck Dublin – can I recommend our friends at

Retractable Security Posts Clogherhead

Are you looking to have retractable security posts fitted in your driveway in Clogherhead?

No problem. We make and install retractable security posts in driveways across Dublin, Meath Louth and Kildare. 
Our retractable security posts are made from a heavy wall steel. The posts are hot-dip galvanised to prevent them from rusting. We supply a heavy duty stainless steel shutter lock that can not be cut or drilled.

Retractable Security Bollards Installed in Clogherhead.

Retractable security posts are exactly the same things as retractable security bollards – just a different term to describe the same thing.
When in use, the retractable security bollard is locked into a slightly larger steel socket. The socket is concreted into the driveway to a depth of 12″.

When in use, the bollard is simply locked into place with a heavy duty stainless steel shutter lock – which we supply as part if the installation.

Driveway Bollard Post Installed with 10 Year Guarantee.

A Driveway Bollard Post is just another way to describe the driveway security bollard that we make and install. It’s the same thing.

If you are looking to have a security bollard posts installed at your home or business in Clogherhead please go ahead and give us a call. Our security bollard posts are hot dip galvanised. We supply a heavy duty stainless steel shutter lock with all our galvanised driveway bollard posts.

Little known Facts About Driveway Security Posts – Security Bollards – Driveway Posts …

If you’re not sure of the number of bollards you need install on your drive or whether there will be any concerns, merely send us through an image of your driveway and among our experts will have the ability to assist. This is something we find a lot of individuals do not consider when purchasing a driveway security bollard, however it’s one of the most important (retractable bollards).

You will need to work with an avoid so that the rubble and spoil can be eliminated, leaving your driveway nice and tidy. Quick Idea: If you are just having one or two lift-out or telescopic bollard installed, you may have the ability to get away with rubble bags If you speak with our group regarding your installation, they will be able to encourage.

While in Clogherhead driveway bollards are durable pieces of kit, they do require caring for from time to time in order to ensure their durability. A lot like an automobile, a regular service can do a world of marvels, making certain you don’t run into any concerns. In our experience, we recommend one service a year.

The Buzz on Choosing Security Posts For Driveways – Clogherhead Security Centre

What if you need brand-new parts or extra keys? Well, don’t fret you can order all those bits and pieces directly from our service department. They do more than just sell extra parts, in the event that you have problems with your driveway security bollard or undoubtedly, somebody unintentionally drives into and damages your bollard, do not stress, just give our service team a call and we can get one of our engineers to take an appearance at it.

If you live near Clogherhead you can call our service team today to discover more. We talk bollards day-in-day-out, so if you need some advice or have any concerns about how finest to secure your driveway, provide us a ring or text us on 086-8560063 and our group will more than happy to help, or do not hesitate to shoot us a message on Facebook or complete the contact us form listed below.

At Driveway Security Bollards – We Install. We offer a driveway bollard and security post variety that’s best for preventing unauthorised access to your driveway. Made from strong steel, iron and plastics, our posts are designed to provide a permanent barrier for security and protection. Our security posts are likewise suitable for storage facilities, factories, car-parks and public places.

9 Simple Techniques For Security Bollards Direct To You – and Installed: High Security Bollards & Barriers

We also sell posts that can be laid flat to permit gain access to when required, or fully pulled back into the ground. Other designs in our variety can be unlocked from their fixing brackets and after that eliminated totally. Our Retractable posts can be withdrawed and extended by hand, while we also stock designs that come with lift-assist technology.

Here at Barriers Direct To You – and Installed, we also sell driveway security post designs that flex on effect to take in the impact, avoiding damage to the post and to cars. Our posts can be found in a variety of surfaces consisting of steel and vibrantly coloured powder finishing for high-visibility. Our sleek, visually pleasing styles are ideal for residential and industrial environments when good looks matter.

Spec: Built from steel, iron and durable plastics Appropriate for driveways, factories, warehouses, car-parks and public locations Weatherproof designs ideal for outside use Can be bolted or cemented in place for trustworthy security Available in steel or brightly coloured powder covering for high-visibility Folding, detachable and retractable styles readily available Flexible styles offered for effect absorption Automatic, controllable styles available Really little or no upkeep needed – Driveway security bollards.

A Biased View of Security Posts For Driveways:

Whether you have a property or an organisation driveway, you can easily safeguard it and avoid unapproved gain access to with a set of driveway barriers. Driveway barricades are developed to be both extremely secure and non-intrusive, so you can improve security without detracting from your property’s aesthetic appeals. Barriers and bollards for driveways are a method of improving your driveway security without big gates or other noticeable approaches.

When you utilize a driveway barrier with a brilliant, bold surface, you make it clear that it’s a limited location while creating a visual deterrent that can avoid unintentional accidents. If they aren’t as easy to see during the night as they are throughout the day, motorists may not observe them till it is too late.

Excitement About Security Posts For Driveways: DrivewaySecurityBollards.comGetting My Security Bollards Direct To You – and Installed: High Security Bollards & Barriers To Work

Normally, driveway barriers are smaller sized in area and lighter in weight than strong bollards, permitting them to be quickly eliminated (driveway post). By setting up a ground sleeve in your driveway, you make it quick and easy to lock a driveway security post barrier in location and to eliminate it when need be.

Facts About Security Bollards Direct To You – and Installed: High Security Bollards & Barriers Uncovered

How High Security Telescopic Bollards - Security Bollards Direct To You - and Installed can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.The Definitive Guide for Parking Posts – Security Bollards For Driveways – Safe

Collapsible driveway barriers stay in location however fold down flat, allowing cars with even just a couple of inches of clearance underneath to simply drive over them – bollard posts. These guard posts raise and lower rapidly and easily, so if your driveway is utilized regularly however with limited gain access to, they are the perfect mix of security and use.

A just recently finished telescopic driveway bollard setup in Grays, Essex. Following the theft of a neighbours car, the consumer called Essex Bollards and asked for the installation of a stainless steel driveway security bollard. After discussing the readily available choices with the customer, it was chosen that the very best choice for this specific driveway would be a S5 security bollard.

They likewise provide an exceptional level of defense for vehicles on the driveway of the residential or commercial property as they are made of 5mm gauge stainless-steel and are concreted in over a meter into the ground. The installation was finished within two hours, leaving the customer incredibly satisfied with the look of the bollard and assured that their automobiles would be safe on their driveways overnight.

How High Security Telescopic Bollards – Security Bollards Direct To You – and Installed can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.


Our groups of knowledgeable bollard installers have set up numerous telescopic bollards. We use a prompt and effective turn-around on telescopic bollard setups in the Grays, Thurrock and broader Essex location. Our prices are very competitive for bollard setups and the finish to all of our work is unrivaled. We are able to recommend as to the finest option for your bollard installation and can supply a variety of different designs and colours of bollards.