Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown

Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown

Have you been thinking about getting Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown for your home drive? Your pride and joy may be at risk if the car thief has his eye on it.

Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown to keep your car safe

If you worry about you car being stolen from your driveway – there are several steps you could take to help prevent that.
You could get a really good car alarm and immobiliser installed. Most new cars now come with a factory fitted immobiliser. However, because they rely on the car keys being in the ignition – or with several of the new models being push button start – they need the keys to be in the front of the car. While this makes it difficult for the thief to take the car – it does make it more likely that your home will be burgled to get the keys… Not a nice thought!

Another way of securing the car would be to have a GSM tracker/ immobiliser installed on your car. A tracker allows you to see where your car is – on a google map – should it be taken. However – the good trackers will also enable you to disable and immobilise the engine by sending a text message from your phone. You could engage this feature every night if you wanted.

You could also have automated gates installed. Every time you come home – just push a button on your remote – and hey presto! the gates are closed and locked. To find out more – click here and hop over to our other site at AutoGate Ireland. Loads of articles and helpful advice there…

Or – there is another way…

Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown to keep the burglars away

The simplest solution is often the best. A driveway security post will provide you with a physical barrier against your car being taken. It’s a heavy duty steel bollard  that you lock into position in the driveway that prevents your car from being rolled, or driven out. As well as being a physical barrier – it is a visual deterrent that warns off would be thieves.

For free help and advice – click over to our contact page (here) and fill out the form or give us a bell. We’re always happy to help.

Security Bollard installed in Castleknock

Security bollard installed in Castleknock drive prevents theft.

All too often I get enquiries from good people who have just had their car stolen – asking about having security bollards installed in their driveway. I hate to say it, but I can usually tell from their voice, that something has happened, to prompt the call. It’s usually the theft of their car, or attempted theft that prompts them to search for driveway security bollards or security posts. Thankfully there is a good ending to this story about a security bollard installed in Castleknock.

One lucky lady!

It’s much more rare that I get the following call. One lady in Castleknock called me a few weeks ago to order a bollard for her driveway. She told me that she had seen one of our letters (instead of leaflets or cards – we do letter drops to advertise). She had ordered a new BMW and it was her first new car ever. It was only after ordering it, she began to worry that it may be a target for thieves.

The lady had read my letter and gave me a call with a few questions. A few hours later, she called back to order the installation of a bollard.

Yesterday she called me back. The bollard was only installed a few weeks ago, and I knew that their could not be a problem. (occasionally, a customer might call because they have mis-placed the keys to the lock and may need our help. Not this time.

She had called me because her next door neighbour had their car stolen during the previous night. She had passed my number and details to a few of her neighbours, but was giving me a “heads-up” and told me to circulate more of my letters because everyone was talking about the number of cars that had been stolen recently.

Security bollard installed in Castleknock

This picture is of a driveway security bollard installed in Castleknock. It is fitted on the inside of existing gates. We installed it about 8 or 9 years ago and as you can see, it has been painted by the home owner – to match the colour of their gates. It is a galvanised security bollard, so it will never rust or corrode.

You might wonder why you would put a bollard in if you already have gates? the reason is that it is installed behind one of the gate leaves. It still allows for one half of the gate to be opened – for pedestrian access, but prevents the second half from being opened and also prevents the car from being taken from the drive.

It’s a visual deterrent, as well as a physical barrier. Isn’t it better to warn off would-be car theives before they break into your home? I know this sounds kind of selfish, but if you have a driveway security post installed, it deters the car thief from breaking into your home and just sends them on to a neighbour who does not have a post installed.


If you are thinking about improving the security of your home, your car and your property, please do give us a call.

You can reach us on 01-6424214 or fill out the contact form here on the website and I’ll be in contact with you real soon!

Thanks for reading. Adrian

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Driveway Security Bollards Dublin

Driveway security bollards are a great way to prevent car theft

Driveway Security Bollards Dublin are an effective way to protect your car against theft and help prevent your home from being burgled… Do you worry about you car being stolen from outside your home? Is your pride and joy a sitting duck for car theft? Driveway security bollards are a great way to prevent your car from being stolen. Last year, in Dublin, over 49oo cars were stolen – that is according to central statistics office figures. That’s almost 100 a week. How can you prevent your car from being taken? And is there more to worry about than just your car? Unfortunately there is.

Almost all new cars are difficult, if not impossible to take without the keys. Modern cars often come with factory installed immobilisers. The keys must be in the ignition for the immobiliser to be deactivated and the car to be started. To do this, the car thief obviously needs the keys. And to get the keys, they will often burgle the house – your home.

Sometimes the thief will not try to start the car at all. They may just unlock it, release the handbrake and roll the car out of your drive and onto a waiting trailer.

How can you prevent this from happening? You have a few options. The most worrying thing for me is a creeper burglary. The fact that someone is fearless enough to walk around your home, while you and you family sleep is extremely worrying. Extremely upsetting when it happens too. anything that you can do to protect against this, is a very wise decision.

Driveway Security Bollards Dublin

Prevention is always better than a cure – so for me, I would have a home alarm system installed and use it at night. The next thing you could do, is to close and lock driveway gates – if you have them. Many driveways are too short to allow the gates to be closed over after the car or cars have been parked. This is where a driveway security bollard will help. You position the bollard in the socket in the drive – behind the car. It is locked into place and the car can not be removed from the driveway without first removing the driveway security bollards Dublin.