Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown

Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown

Have you been thinking about getting Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown for your home drive? Your pride and joy may be at risk if the car thief has his eye on it.

Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown to keep your car safe

If you worry about you car being stolen from your driveway – there are several steps you could take to help prevent that.
You could get a really good car alarm and immobiliser installed. Most new cars now come with a factory fitted immobiliser. However, because they rely on the car keys being in the ignition – or with several of the new models being push button start – they need the keys to be in the front of the car. While this makes it difficult for the thief to take the car – it does make it more likely that your home will be burgled to get the keys… Not a nice thought!

Another way of securing the car would be to have a GSM tracker/ immobiliser installed on your car. A tracker allows you to see where your car is – on a google map – should it be taken. However – the good trackers will also enable you to disable and immobilise the engine by sending a text message from your phone. You could engage this feature every night if you wanted.

You could also have automated gates installed. Every time you come home – just push a button on your remote – and hey presto! the gates are closed and locked. To find out more – click here and hop over to our other site at AutoGate Ireland. Loads of articles and helpful advice there…

Or – there is another way…

Driveway Security Posts in Blanchardstown to keep the burglars away

The simplest solution is often the best. A driveway security post will provide you with a physical barrier against your car being taken. It’s a heavy duty steel bollard ¬†that you lock into position in the driveway that prevents your car from being rolled, or driven out. As well as being a physical barrier – it is a visual deterrent that warns off would be thieves.

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