Driveway Security Bollards Dublin

Driveway security bollards are a great way to prevent car theft

Driveway Security Bollards Dublin are an effective way to protect your car against theft and help prevent your home from being burgled… Do you worry about you car being stolen from outside your home? Is your pride and joy a sitting duck for car theft? Driveway security bollards are a great way to prevent your car from being stolen. Last year, in Dublin, over 49oo cars were stolen – that is according to central statistics office figures. That’s almost 100 a week. How can you prevent your car from being taken? And is there more to worry about than just your car? Unfortunately there is.

Almost all new cars are difficult, if not impossible to take without the keys. Modern cars often come with factory installed immobilisers. The keys must be in the ignition for the immobiliser to be deactivated and the car to be started. To do this, the car thief obviously needs the keys. And to get the keys, they will often burgle the house – your home.

Sometimes the thief will not try to start the car at all. They may just unlock it, release the handbrake and roll the car out of your drive and onto a waiting trailer.

How can you prevent this from happening? You have a few options. The most worrying thing for me is a creeper burglary. The fact that someone is fearless enough to walk around your home, while you and you family sleep is extremely worrying. Extremely upsetting when it happens too. anything that you can do to protect against this, is a very wise decision.

Driveway Security Bollards Dublin

Prevention is always better than a cure – so for me, I would have a home alarm system installed and use it at night. The next thing you could do, is to close and lock driveway gates – if you have them. Many driveways are too short to allow the gates to be closed over after the car or cars have been parked. This is where a driveway security bollard will help. You position the bollard in the socket in the drive – behind the car. It is locked into place and the car can not be removed from the driveway without first removing the driveway security bollards Dublin.